dr. tung testimonials

“I have seen Dr. Tung several times this year. He is friendly, well-spoken and he explains everything to you in full detail. I have been given injections in my hand for the swelling for carpal tunnel. I actually feel lucky to have him as my doctor.”

– Susan

“Dr. Tung is a very knowledgeable and great find. I saw him in 2005 and need him again for something else. I found his bedside manner to be delightful. I was so glad to find him again.”

“Dr. Tung will tell you that everyone has pain AND that you need to learn to deal with it. BUT…he then goes on to work with you via treatments and medications to help you learn to effectively manage your pain. Too many people expect pain specialists can make ALL of their pain go away. That isn’t realistic. If you are seeing a pain specialist then you are probably dealing with pain over 8, on a scale of 0-10, daily. Managing your pain so you are at 2 or 3 instead is a realistic goal. I’ve been a patient for at least 8 years and in that time he has worked diligently to ensure that I have the proper mix of medication to manage my pain. We review it every other month or so and make adjustments as needed. As for the office staff, I find the majority of them to be very courteous and friendly.”