Best Sleeping Positions To Reduce Aches And Pains

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best sleep positions

Sleep allows your body to repair and rejuvenate as it prepares for another day. Getting a good night’s rest is essential for your health and the trick is getting into the best sleeping positions. Take a moment and think about how you slept last night. If you suffer from back pain, leg pain, joint pain or chronic pain, your sleeping position can have a profound effect on either worsening or preventing medical conditions and pain.

Read on to discover the best sleeping positions for your body and which ones you’d be better off avoiding.


Back Position

The best sleeping position for preventing neck and back pain is to sleep in the back position. When you sleep on your back it makes it easy for your head, neck and spine to maintain a neutral position. Sleeping on your back won’t force any extra curves into your back, which can often lead to aches and pains. Try using a few pillows underneath your knees to help maintain good sleeping posture throughout the night.

Side Position

When you’re sleeping on your side with both arms down, your spine is best supported in its natural curve. This position helps prevent neck and back pain and keeps your spine elongated.


The Fetal Position—sleeping all curled up into a ball may be comfortable but it can do a number on your neck and back. It can also restrict deep breathing and cause snoring.

Stomach—when you sleep on your stomach and have your head to one side for a long time it could lead to aching. Lying on your stomach makes it difficult to maintain a neutral spine position. This position should be avoided if you suffer from back or neck pain as it puts pressure on joints and muscles.

If you are waking up tired or with aches and pains, schedule an appointment with and consult one of our pain specialists at IMS Pain Management to discuss your sleeping positions and how to change it effectively to get those much-needed zzz’s.


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