Disc Denervation for Facet Joint Pain: The Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

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Did you know that the spine consists of 33 vertebrae separated by discs? Wow!

We have these discs, or facet joints in our bodies to support the bones of the spine, but
like anything else in the body, discs can be injured. This condition is called having a herniated disc, and it can result in irritation and pain. However, there is a procedure called Disc Denervation that has been proven effective in treating spinal disc pain.

What is Disc Denervation?

This is a technique, sometimes known as radiofrequency ablation, that uses electrical energy to treat chronic pain caused by the facet joints. First a thin needle will numb the injection site and underlying tissue. Then an electrode, radiofrequency needle, is inserted into the exact area causing the pain under the direction of an x-ray to determine which facet joints is irritated. The electrode will create heat up to 140 degrees and distribute it to the affected areas, causing them to become dull and diminish pain. Once the needle is removed, the injection site will be bandaged and the treatment is done! The whole procedure takes under an hour. Simple and easy, right?


This procedure is minimally invasive, and done in an outpatient setting. There is almost no recovery time, and patients are back to doing normal activities usually within a day of the procedure. Using the x-ray to find the exact area also decreases the chances of damage occurring to other facet joints.

Results have shown that 60-70% of patients have seen a successful response to disc denervation. Great results! Most patients experience improved mobility, better quality of life, and increased physical function following the procedure. Finally, a solution!


We wish we could say there are none, but any medical procedure does come with some risks. But with this procedure, there is only a 1% chance of having complications. The risks include infection, bleeding, or nerve damage, and all are very minor. Although there is a risk, it is small.


Disc Denervation has been a great long-term solution for chronic pain, and an effective pain management technique. The amount of promise it has shown makes the physicians at IMS Pain Management that hopeful that chronic facet joint pain can become eradicated. Schedule an appointment today and seek the long-deserved pain relief you need.

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