Understanding Your Pain for Improved Quality of Life

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If you are living with chronic pain it not only hurts your body, it can hurt your quality of life too.  Pain can negatively impact your mood, memory and relationships.  Understanding how pain impacts quality of life is important to finding a solution.

Here’s how pain can affect your quality of life and how you can make a change:

Behavioral Symptoms

If you have constant pain, it’s no wonder it may cause a wide variety of emotions like anger, anxiety, frustration and depression. If you experience these emotions occasionally it may not be cause for alarm, but if they continue, it’s time to take action. Try distracting yourself from your pain and uplifting your mood by trying the following:

Feeling Lonely

The last thing you want to do if you’re in constant pain is be social. That backyard barbecue or company party may sound like torture. If pain drives you into social isolation, it can make you feel lonely and take a toll on your emotional health. Stay socially connected by nurturing ties with a handful of close, supportive friends and family.

You’re Worn Out

Pain is very exhausting. If you have a painful knee, achy back or chronic migraine it can steal your sleep and send your stress through the roof. Fight fatigue by eating a healthy diet, getting more sleep and exercising at least for 30 minutes every day. You will feel energized and cope better with your pain.

Treatment to Improve Your Quality of Life

It’s important that your treatment is tailored to your individual diagnosis and cause of pain. To avoid pain affecting your quality of life, schedule an appointment with IMS Pain Management today. IMS will tailor a comprehensive pain-management plan that will minimize both the physical and emotional impacts of chronic pain.

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